Mindset Couples —
Mindset Meets

How might we design and build a platform that connects people, who're interested in entrepreneurship, spirituality and personal development in an authentic way?

    Brand Identity, Product Design

    December 2018 – April 2019

    Freelance project

    Mindset Couples Visitenkarten WebMindset Couples Visitenkarten Web

    Brief Overview

    Mindset Couples is one of my favorite projects to work on, because I had the opportunity to try something new, with my first Brand Identity project and combine it with my knowledge from university in developing products that people (hopefully) love.

    To develop the brand and the product, we went through different processes, but they have some overlapping components. We looked at:

    • brand values
    • the ideal target group
    • their pain points and needs
    • competitors & more

    The process was a back and forth of getting to know the idea and the brand, talking about brand values and attributes, about business goals and translating that into a visual language.

    The product prototype

    This is the first version of the app, which has been developed using the Design Sprint process.

    What We Did (In A Nutshell)

    • Brand Definition & Strategy
    • Competitors Research
    • Visual Brand Identity
    • Design Sprint

    Further Links

    Interesting books and resources for this project:

    Explore the project on their website. If you're interested in any details about the project or think we should work together, feel free to get in touch via email.