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„I believe as designers we need to ask ourselves what we want from the future.“

- Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, Artist and Designer

I’m Celine Winkel, student of interaction design interested in collaborating with interesting people and projects, while also initiating my own projects, which usually are around photography and design.

Currently I am studying B.A. Interactive Media Design @ the University of Applied Science in Darmstadt, Germany. I am a self taught photographer driven by curiosity and got into design and developing two years ago.
When I’m not working, you usually find me capturing new places I’ve traveled to, meditating or getting excited about food, visions and entrepreneurship.

Now I also love coffee, cooking vegan, getting inspired by Elon Musk and reading books about Antifragility. If you’re a business or friendly individual who thinks we should work together, please get in touch.